We Demand Better from Council's Anti-Poverty Strategy


Liberal Democrat councillors believe the Council’s Anti-Poverty Action Plan, which was recently discussed by the Cabinet, is not good enough. We have ‘called-in’ the Cabinet’s decision for further discussion at a Scrutiny Board meeting in the hope of strengthening the plan.

Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, Councillor James Baker said: “As I said at the Cabinet meeting, we welcome the fact that the Council is to have an action plan, but do not believe that the plan as it stands is ambitious enough. It reads like a list of loosely-linked, small-scale actions without any clear aims. We think the Council can do better, and we are demanding better from it”


Cllr Ashley Evans said : “We have called for this matter to be discussed at the Children and Young People’s Scrutiny Board so that we can focus on child poverty – and what the Council can do to reduce it. We all know the devastating effects poverty can have on children. It reduces educational attainment and increases the likelihood of mental health problems to name just two.

“When the Scrutiny Board discussed a draft action plan some months ago a number of suggestions for improvement were put forward, but with little obvious effect. We shall try again”, said Cllr Evans.

Cllr Baker concluded “there are clearly limits to what the Council can achieve, even working with a range of local partners, but that should not stop the Council from setting ambitious targets and coming up with plans to achieve them”.

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