Trees for Calderdale Proposal



Calderdale Tree Planting Day and Social Fund

On 2nd September 2018, Pakistan Planted 1.5 million trees in a day - Let this be an inspiration as to what we can achieve. 


An annual tree planting day. Community groups, religious groups, businesses, school children, sports clubs, the young, the elderly, political parties, and all other groups coming together to plant trees and celebrate our environment. 

Why do this? 

Trees are our lungs. They clean the air and provide oxygen for us to breath. They also combat climate change by capturing CO2 from the atmosphere. They also slow the flow of water down into streams and rivers. The woodland cover in Calderdale is just 3.8% compared to a national average in England of 10%. By increasing our tree coverage, we can help the environment, and improve our wellbeing.

How would we fund it? 

Local Government resources have been cut. That means we need innovative new ways to raise funds. We could create a charitable fund for this project. When people receive their Council Tax bill, we can ask them whether they would like to make a voluntarily direct debit donation towards this fund. We could carry out other fundraising events to raise money and apply for any grants available from Government or the Lottery. 

How would we achieve it?

  • There is expertise in the Calderdale from groups such as Treesponsibilty. We would build partnerships between existing groups, local Government and civil society. We can work alongside other projects such as the White Rose Forest.


  • We would run a big advertising campaign encouraging people to participate in this day. We would aim to seek media attention and coverage for this annual tree planting day and start a tradition all across the country.


  • We would organise planting locations across Calderdale. People could turn up and help plant trees. 


  • As part of their corporate responsibility, we would encourage businesses to give their staff a day off to participate and landowners to donate their land for forests. School children could join in and learn about the environment.


  • At the end of the day, we could organise social events for people to participate in in and celebrate their work. 

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