Todmorden Sixth Form to Close

Labour run Calderdale Council has taken the decision to close Todmorden's sixth form. As a maintained community school the decision to close a sixth form rests with the local authority. 

Recent changes to the government funding of post-16 education mean many schools now receive less money for A Level students. This has lead to the sixth form no longer being viable.



Councillor James Baker, leader of Calderdale Liberal Democrats said:

"With cuts to government funding it has been clear for some time the smaller sixth forms such as Todmorden would cease to be viable, everyone knew this was going to happen."

"The problem is the working party that was established to try and solve this problem hasn't met in months and months, and it has failed to find a solution to how Post 16 education is provided across the Borough."

"The Council has a responsibility in shaping the provision of Post 16 Education across the Borough. We therefore call on Labour to get meetings of the Post 16 working party going again."

"As Liberal Democrats we believe this group ought to be working on a cross-party basis on encouraging schools to work together to provide shared sixth form options. It should also look at the possibility of creating a sixth form college here in Calderdale."

"Whilst Labour do nothing the education of our children suffers under the Conservative government's cuts."  

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