Sue Holdsworth is demanding better for Greetland and Stainland


"There is an important story our national media fails to cover, but one that affects all our lives, on a daily basis. It is the story about our local life, the services that we get (or don’t get) in our area, the environment we live in here, the council taxes we pay. Its a story about Calderdale Council and the people that represent us. In May, there are important elections to Calderdale Council. Away from the national politics, I think it’s really important to have local councillors who put our area first and stand up for local people.

The Liberal Democrats have a proud record of representing Greetland and Stainland Ward for decades. I’m really impressed with the work of Councillors Marilyn Greenwood and Paul Bellenger. They fight to protect our green spaces from development, demand more money for our local services and work hard to help, and promote community groups and organisations. I want to join their team as they put local people first.

That’s why I am standing this May. I live locally in Norland with my husband and I work as a university careers advisor. The local Lib Dem Team are continuing to campaign for a better deal for our area - from more funds for local police resources and ensuring our roads and pavements are up to a proper standard. We’re opposing Labour’s Tip Tax. This charge is causing more and more fly tipping and we are fighting to get it scrapped!

We are campaigning for a better deal for commuters, we want to see improved services for bus and train passengers."

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