Sink or Swim - Lib Dems Urge Pool Plan Re-Think



At tonight's meeting of Calderdale Council we are calling for an urgent re-think of proposed plans for Halifax Swimming Pool. Halifax has been left without a pool since the existing Halifax Pool was shut under a safety pretext within the COVID lockdown. Although previously being told there would be a like for like replacement. the plans drawn up by Labour Town Hall bosses show a lack of ambition, and fail to meet the needs of many of the previous users of Halifax Pool. Most notably, there are

- Too shallow for the synchronised swimming club.

- No diving boards or facilities.

- A lack of children friendly activities such as slides, water cannons or play equipment.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Sue Holdsworth is proposing a motion to Council to ask the administration to change these plans.

If you want to support a better Pool for Halifax, a number of residents are coming to the Town Hall at 5pm on Wednesday 22nd September to show their support.


Motion to Council

Council Meeting 22 September 2021 Motion submitted by Councillor Holdsworth under Council Procedure Rule 14

Replacement Halifax Swimming Pool
This Council notes that:

1. Halifax Swimming Pool was not re-opened after the Covid-19 Lockdown leaving
people in Halifax with no swimming pool. The closure was not subject to consultation
with residents and users including the award-winning Synchronised Swimming Club.

2. The reason cited was the £600,000 cost to bring the pool up to standard. This is a
relatively small amount of money, given that the construction proposed new pool at
North Bridge has not begun. The impact in terms of usage in other pools, such as
Sowerby Bridge, means fewer residents can swim at any one time.

3. Members of the public have expressed concerns that the plans for the new North
Bridge Leisure Centre represent a downgrading of existing facilities.

4. That the new sports and leisure centre is a once in a generation opportunity to provide
the correct facilities for the people of Calderdale, and to build a pool which is not long
enough for international competitions nor deep enough for Synchronised Swimming
is short-sighted in the extreme, and

5. The importance of leisure centres and swimming pools for the well-being of the
community cannot be over-stated – especially given the Council’s aspiration to be the
fittest borough in the North.

Additionally: Children and families want fun activities available such as slides and wet adventure play
areas to make swimming enjoyable. The success of the (relatively) new Kirklees pool  with slides and other attractions shows that investment will attract custom.

If savings need to be found to finance any changes, perhaps the café could be scrapped, given the number of cafes and restaurants within a short walk of North Bridge. Council therefore calls upon the Cabinet to revise plans for the proposed new pool to create
an improved offer for users such as the Synchronised Swimming Club and others.

Seconded by Cllr Baker

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