On working together to save the planet.

Last night, at a meeting organised by the Green Party, the Calderdale Liberal Democrats announced that they would not be standing a local election candidate in Northowram and Shelf, in order to give the Green candidate there a better chance of winning.

Choosing to not stand a candidate in an election is a serious undertaking, and this is not a decision that has been taken lightly. People feel a connection to the principles of the Liberal Democrats, and they want to vote for candidates that reflect those principles. To our Liberal Democrat Voters in Northowram and Shelf, we hope you understand our reasons for doing this.

The planet is in a state of existensial crisis. To avoid the most catastrophic consequences of rising CO2 levels, political parties need to work together. Governments need to work together. In places where progressive green values are not being met, radical actions need to be taken to ensure we do work together. This has to be something less cynical than asking other political parties to stand down so our own party can gain more power. We need to bring green voices to the council.

For these reasons, we are making this first step. We will not field a candidate in Northowram and Shelf. We ask that people vote for the Green Candidate in that ward. This offer has been made without expectation of anything in return.

Good Luck Elaine.

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