No to incinerators, yes to recycling.

Under Labour Calderdale Council has experienced the biggest drop in recycling rates of any Council in England. We are campaigning to get the Council to recycle more of its waste and to burn less of it. We are also campaigning against the proposal by Calder Valley Skip Hire (CVSH) to build two new incinerators here in Calderdale.

Drop in our recycling rate

In 2014-15 Calderdale had a recycling rate of 60.4%. The recycling rate then dropped by a massive 14.1% to 46.3%. The primary reason for this is that in December 2015 the Labour cabinet on Calderdale Council signed a new waste disposal contract with AWS. AWS promised us a recycling rate of 18% on the waste they disposed of, but in fact they are only delivering a recycling rate of 10%. Instead they are sending the waste to incineration. Furthermore there has been a drop in the kerbside recycling rate across Calderdale. 

Incinerators proposed for Calderdale.

At the same time as the Council is sending more of its waste to be burnt rather than recycled there are currently applications from Calder Valley Skip Hire (CVSH) to build two new incinerators here in Calderdale, one at Mearclough Road and another at the Belmont Recycling Centre. Just as we need the Council to be recycling more, and burning less, we should also be opposing any new incinerators being built here in Calderdale. There have been widespread protests about these incinerators and Calderdale Liberal Democrats are strongly opposed to them being built.

We call on Calderdale to take urgent action to improve its recycling rates, and to send less waste to be incinerated. Also for the Council to reject the environmental permit for Calder Valley Skip Hire to build two new incinerators in Calderdale. 

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