Mick will bring power back to Todmorden


If you want a councillor whose first priority is Todmorden, then Mick Taylor is for you.

As your councillor, Mick will be a champion for Todmorden on Calderdale Council, standing up for our town and ensuring we get a fair share of resources, not a councillor who represents Calderdale Council to Todmorden.

Mick Taylor and the Lib Dems want Todmorden Town Council to take back control of local services from Calderdale, including the Park, the Sport’s Centre, the libraries, street cleaning, street lighting and managing the town hall. Mick wants the market to be run by the Town Council and local traders.

Mick also wants to protect and improve the environment and work towards eliminating flooding. The council should also be building affordable homes for rent and sale.

Power to Todmorden

The 17 strong Lib Dem Team for Todmorden Town Council will bring back local services to Todmorden if we win enough seats on Todmorden Town Council. We will do this by employing a Town Manager to oversee the services. Under new laws Calderdale would have to pass over the money and staff to run the services, though the Town Council could add more if it wished.

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