Local Election Appeal 2021


We urgently need to earn funds to help cover the additional costs of using Royal Mail or Local Delivery firms to deliver leaflets and letters on behalf of our hard-working local election candidates.


The Conservative Government has decided that political leafleting will no longer be allowed in England, even though the Royal Mail says it’s safe to deliver and delivering for commercial purposes is still allowed.


This is a brazen attempt to fix the election in their favour and avoid opposition parties from holding the Government account.


The Tories are saying: you can deliver any leaflet you want, to any household in the country, so long as you pay someone else to deliver it. This gives a huge advantage to political parties with the funds available to pay for their materials and messages to be delivered.


To level the playing field our candidates need your financial support.


So please show our candidates some love this Valentine's Day and pledge what you can to help our 2021 Local Election Campaign


£385.00 pledged

how much will you pledge to donate on Feb 14 2021?

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