Liberal Democrats Slam Government Betrayal on HS2



Calderdale Liberal Democrats claim plans to cut the Eastern leg of HS2 and scale back the Northern Powerhouse Rail represent another broken promise from Boris Johnson’s Conservative Government.

Councillor James Baker (Warley), Leader of the Calderdale Council Liberal Democrat Group said:

“The Conservative party promised it wouldn’t raise taxes on working people, then broke that promise. They promised they wouldn’t scrap the triple lock for pensions, then broke that promise. So, is it any surprise they have broken their promise of rail improvements for the North of England?”

“Proposals to cut the Eastern leg of HS2 will set back plans to improve rail capacity on our networks – dashing the opportunities for increased passenger connectivity, and rail freight, along with all the environmental benefits that brings.”

“As we look to the future, this leaves West Yorkshire and the Northeast of England further isolated from the global economy with diminished future transport and economic opportunities.”

“Increased red tape from leaving the single market was one nail in our Northern economy, scaling back infrastructure improvements is another. Is it any wonder the Northern regions of England are among the most economically deprived in all of Northern Europe?”

“This U-turn on investment in the North also represents a massive lobbying failure by local Government leaders in West Yorkshire, and so-called “Red-Wall” Conservative MPs. If between them they can’t generate enough influence over Whitehall and the Government what hope is there for our future? It just shows we have nodding noddy Conservative MPs in West Yorkshire and Labour council leaders whose influence is considerably less than they would have us believe” said Cllr Baker

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