Labour & Conservatives reject Lib Dem calls for tougher CO2 reduction target

Cllr James Baker moved an amendment to Labour’s motion on declaring a “Climate Emergency” seeking to strengthen it. James wanted the working party that Labour wished to set up to draw up “a costed action plan for Calderdale to be carbon neutral by 2030”. Additionally, James wanted this action plan to “set out how advice, encouragement and support can be provided to the people and businesses of Calderdale to take additional action in support of this aim”.

Labour were not happy, particularly with the bit about setting a target to work towards. Not for the first time, Labour rejected James’ call for target against which their performance could be measured. In lots of other areas the Cabinet has set targets. It’s almost as if Cabinet is picking and choosing targets that can more easily be met.
The debate on James’ amendment bore little relation to what was being proposed. It’s almost as if people had planned what they were going to say and said it whether or not it related to the matter under discussion. What was wrong with advising and supporting those outside the Council to take action was never made clear. It’s almost as if no one had read past the 2030 date.

One Labour councillor made a plea for the Council to concentrate on the 97% of things where there is agreement, rather than the 3% where there is disagreement. This may be code for ‘agree with Labour’.

James did not get the chance to respond to the debate, as time ran out again. With the Liberal Democrat amendment being defeated rather easily, the group then supported Labour’s original motion – it being better than nothing. Nothing, though, is what some councillors wanted. Watch the webcast for the climate change deniers in action, though only one of them actually voted against the motion.

Sadly the Conservative group did not back the motion at all. Perhaps their leader applauding the climate denial speeches made by some in the chamber tell you all you need to know about their views on this issue.  

It is perhaps worth noting that Cabinet does not need the permission of Council to set up any working party looking at any issue it wants it to. Cabinet could have done this at any time since they noticed there was an emergency.

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