Investigation launched over Lib Dem Councillor's "all lives matter" comment



This week Liberal Democrat Councillor Marilyn Greenwood said she respected Cllr Sophie Whittaker for "having the guts to give her opinion and speak out" for writing an article attacking the black lives movement. The article can be read on the Halifax Courier's website at this link.- Cllr Greenwood also made the comment that "all lives matter, all lives are equal" in relation to this post, and made reference to the murder of Lee Rigby despite requests by his mother for people not to do this.

Cllr James Baker Leader of Calderdale Liberal Democrats said: "Liberal Democrat values of justice, equality and liberty should compel us to back the Black Lives Matter movement."

"Cllr Sophie Whittaker's article attacked the Black Lives Matter Movement. It criticised the Chief Executive of the Council's attempts to tackle institutional racism. It also criticised the Council for lightening up Wainhouse Tower in support of the movement. Furthermore, it mistakenly claimed the entire movement was run by Marxists, which is self-evidently not true as Liberals also support it."

"Saying "all lives matter" as a response to the black lives matter movement is also problematic. The problem is not all lives are currently being treated equally, that's why it's important that we state that black lives matter. It is worth reading this article in Prospect that explains the problems of using this phrase in response to the issues of racism raised."

"As the leader of the group I have  taken the decision to start an investigation under the internal procedures of our Council group into the comments and social media posts made by Councillor Marilyn Greenwood."



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