Grit our Streets

This year Calderdale Council ceased to grit 200 roads across the Borough. Following a massive public outcry, the Labour-led authority has done a u-turn and reinstated some of the roads. However, it appears they have not reinstated all of the roads, just the secondary routes. It is now unclear what roads will or won't be gritted until a new definite list is published by the Council. Furthermore, they are no longer refilling grit bins are residents' requests but only when they feel like it.

The gritting service like many public services that Calderdale Council runs has been subjected to government cuts. As Liberal Democrats, we care about delivering high-quality public services, but also ones which are good value for money.

We believe there is something the Council could do straight away to save money on the gritting service, and that is to build a Salt Barn. Currently, our grit supplies are stored out in the elements. This means that much of it is simply washed away. When we do put the grit down it is already damp so it doesn't spread as efficiently and we have to use more of it. Building Calderdale a Salt Barn would help save taxpayers money so that we can grit more of our roads. This is what Calderdale Liberal Democrats are calling for.


Unbelievably there has been a capital budget to build a Salt Barn for the past five years. Labour haven't completed this bit of work as they can't decide which depo to keep, and therefore where the Salt Barn is to be built. Until they can decide what depo to keep and complete their review of Council assets then there will be no Salt Barn. Money isn't the issue here, competency is.

That is why we have launched this petition to improve our gritting services, by building a Salt Barn, listening to local people about where grit bins are placed and when they are refilled, and reinstating routes that have been cut from the gritting schedule.

We call upon Calderdale Council to improve our gritting service by:

  • Building a Salt Barn to properly store our Salt supplies, and improve the efficiency of gritting. 

  • Ensuring local residents have a say in where grit bins are placed, and that they are re-filled upon request.

  • Re-instate routes that have been cut from the schedule of roads to be gritted. 

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