Greenbelt under threat

The government is forcing Calderdale to build thousands of new homes. Unless we choose to build higher density homes on brownfield sites there is no way the Council can do this without building  on the Greenbelt. The problem is Calderdale has a creaking Victorian infrastructure and narrow roads through the valley that won't be able to cope with the levels of traffic. That is why Calderdale Liberal Democrats are opposed to building on the Greenbelt here in Calderdale. We argue that the homes should be built in new sustainable garden town and cities built in places where there is more space and flatter land.  

There is a need for local affordable housing and more social housing, but expensive houses built in desirable greenbelt areas will not help struggling families looking to buy a home or move to a less crowded home.

We the undersigned call on Calderdale Council to protect greenbelt around towns and villages, and open spaces within towns and villages.



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