Craig Whittaker MP must call on Johnson to go



Boris Johnson has dragged the British public through hell and back in recent months.

Each new story about Covid laws being broken in Downing Street brings more pain for those who didn’t get to say goodbye to their loved ones. People who went months without seeing their family, and frontline workers who worked tirelessly to keep our country going.

While residents in Calderdale made sacrifice after sacrifice to protect each other, Johnson and the Conservatives partied on. He thinks he’s above the law - but he’s not. And it's time for him to go.

Councillor James Baker, Leader of Calderdale Liberal Democrats, said "We have written to Craig Whittaker MP calling on him to condemn the Prime Minister's behaviour. We call on him to submit a letter to the 1922 committee of Conservative backbench MPs to trigger a leadership contest."

"We are also urging Conservative Councillors in Calderdale to speak out and condemn Johnson's behaviour"

"It is time for this embarrassment to end"

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