Councillor Pat Allen still working for Elland

Like us all Pat has been in lock down for almost a year but has still found ways to help those in Elland who have been, and are, in difficulties as she has always done during the more than 21 years she has been a councillor. She helped found the Elland Food Bank some years ago and it has never been more needed than now. Pat is often there helping and is regularly contacted by folk in need. She also helps fill the family food bags, desperately needed by our children. Pat explained “It is not acceptable for mothers to go hungry so their children don’t, and as you can see they get a lot more than the government’s miserable offering  highlighted by     Marcus Rashford”

A message from Pat.

"Firstly I want to thank all our health, care, teachers, emergency and essential workers for the skill, dedication and sheer hard work they have undertaken for so long. We owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

Secondly, please, if you are offered a vaccine accept it! Vaccination is a key element on our route back to a more normal life.

Finally, please obey the rules. They are hard, they are inconvenient and they can be difficult but they are necessary and will, along with vaccination, save lives and help us out of this crisis.

Thank you for the part you are playing in keeping us all safe."


Pat Allen’s  experience is invaluable for our community. It’s been gained through sacrifice, dedication and tenacity. Make sure we keep Pat Allen and her experience — Elland needs her.


To contact Councillor Pat Allen  either email :-[email protected]

Or telephone or text:   07767043365




Many people in Elland know that if they need help then Pat is the person to contact. Sometimes it only requires Pat to contact the right person in the right department and the problem can be solved. Sometimes it can be a matter of life and death. Pat’s help has been such that this is what some of them have written. Most of us are fortunate enough not to find ourselves in need of such help but if one day we do, we need Pat Allen to still be there to help.

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