Calderdale Liberal Democrats launch campaign to tackle antisocial behaviour

Calderdale Liberal Democrats are urging the Council to make full use of the powers available to it in making a stronger stand against antisocial behaviour.

Community Protection Notices (CPNs) were introduced by the coalition government to streamline actions against antisocial behaviour and can be used more widely than previous approaches.

Yet Calderdale Council hasn't issued a single Community Protection Notice!

Councillor James Baker, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Halifax said: “Many communities across Calderdale suffer from a wide range of antisocial behaviour problems – litter, fly-tipping and noise nuisance to name but a few. Those affected expect and deserve the Council to be doing all it can to help them. Those who are committing offences should know that the Council will be doing all it can to take action against them.

“We want the Council to be more inventive in its approach to tackling the problems that blight some communities. We want the Council to approach this in a broader way and not see problems as purely being about noise or littering etc, and so pursued under an often very narrow legal framework. Community Protection Notices provide a way of tackling these very real problems and should be used.”

Todmorden Town Councillor and Prospective Parliamentary candidate for Calder Valley Janet Battye added:

“We want the Council to send out a very clear message that antisocial behaviour in any form will not be tolerated and to back this up by making full use of the powers it already has – including CPNs. We urge those who support our stance on this to sign our on-line petition on this topic".

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