Donal O'Hanlon is Fighting for Todmorden

"My wife and I live in Todmorden, and love it here! We love the vibrancy of the market and independent retailers; the music and nightlife; the close bond and mix between countryside and town living." 

"I previously lived in Prestwich, where I was a Councillor on Bury Council for 8 years, working on a wide variety of topics including Planning, Financial Audit, Risk Management, Education, Health & Social Care integration and more. I’ve been a Governor of Primary & Secondary schools, and I set up the Prestwich Regeneration Group which resulted in £2M investment in the Town, so I know how to get things done, even as a member of a fairly small group of Councillors. Prestwich was the most distant and forgotten town from Bury, just like Todmorden is to Halifax – I will help secure funding and investment from Halifax to keep Todmorden thriving, even though Brexit may bring downturns elsewhere."

"I know the role of Councillor well, but I’m not jaded by it – I have a lot of energy and limitless enthusiasm. I’d be proud to represent my home town – I would be your voice in Halifax, not some faceless party hatchet-job from Halifax sent to Tod! I want to see Tod College and other buildings invested in for our community, not demolished and all the money sent for Halifax vanity projects."

"A vote for Donal O’Hanlon on June 8th is a vote for the Economic & Social well-being of Todmorden, my home!"


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