A traffic cop for Calderdale


The Department of Transport calculates the cost of each fatal accident at over £2 million, and each serious injury accident on our roads at around a quarter of a million. With the human and financial costs of accidents being so high, there is an economic case for funding a permanent road traffic office to patrol Calderdale’s highways, for equipping local Police officers with mobile speed guns and empowering local communities to request speed cameras are installed.

Dangerous driving and speeding is one of the number one complaints we get from residents on the door step. 

Campaign successes so far We have successfully campaigned to secure £100,000 in next year's Council budget to help West Yorkshire fund a Traffic cop for Calderdale. However this is just some one of temporary funding. The Government and Police and Crime Commissioner need to step up to the plate and ensure there is a permanent Police presence on our roads to take dangerous speeding, drug dealers, uninsured drivers, joy riders off our streets.

We the undersigned call on Calderdale Council, the Government and West Yorkshire Police to:

- Provide funding for a dedicated road traffic officer in Calderdale.
- Funding for local neighbourhood policing team officers to be equipped with mobile speed guns.
- Give local communities the power to request a speed camera is installed.

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    hayley taylor
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    I have just moved to the High Road Well area and I’m horrified at the terrible driving that I frequently witness. The speed of many cars on Stock Lane/Gibbett Street is way too fast.
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    I'm taking action to get dangerous drivers off the streets of Calderdale.
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    Kingcross road is very bad specially on a night
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    one of my cars has been wrote off and 2of my cars have been hit and caused thousands of pounds worth of damage in the last 6 months I live on a road that has a 20 mile an hour limit but they drive up my road at times at least 80 mph if not more I just prey that nobody gets killed
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    A recent temporary road closure at the junction of Trimmingham Road and Trimmingham Lane has had a very positive effect on the safety of the residents in this area. We had a lot of problems with high performance cars and others, using Trimmingham Lane as a race track. We have also witnessed a series of drug dealing/drug running incidents in the past which have involved unpleasant anti-social behaviour. I was threatened by one individual when he was close to running me and my family down at the bottom of Browfoot Gate. The road closure has put a stop to all of this. I sincerely hope that the scheme becomes a permanent fixture.

    I totally agree that there is a high incidence of speeding drivers in the area and on Burnley Road in particular. It is common place to see incidents involving dangerous driving on a regular basis, particularly from dusk onwards.
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